Tuesday, January 21, 2014

End Times Inc. -- Book 2 of A Great & Continuous Malignity -- Now on Amazon

The 2nd volumes picks up four years after Fortuna's Bastard ends. Matt is still looking for China but the action has moved to the US, from Southern Ontario and Dilmun. 

Look for Apocalypse Culture this spring anywhere from late March through April [sometime]. Volume 3 continues with the adventures of Matt & China as their contest with Matt's father and mother--Zakara Botrous and Shea Feargal reach their climax. 

Later this year look for The Beluga Fay, book 1 of Dragon Bone Hill, in which Titus Pym is stranded on the main island of an archipelago nation in the great expanse of the southern ocean during a virulent epidemic. 

What to look for in the Dragon Bone Hill trilogy: 
1. Surviving a plague 
2. Cannibalism
3. An assassin 
4. A criminal Cartel 
5. A decaying political authority
6. Religious hysteria/flagellents 
7. Another anit-hero 
8. Romance in the ruins 
9. Betrayal & Redemption 

This is the first book of a trilogy: Dragon Bone Hill. Genres: Literary Fiction; Thriller; Hardboiled Crime; Crime; Dystopia; Political Thriller; General Fiction; Natrualism; Realism; Surrealism -- via plague and religious hysteria. 

Look for The Beluga Fay this fall and Book 2, Dragon Bone Hill, next January [tentative date] and the final volume, The  Wall March of next year [again tentative release date] 

If these books do well, look for other Titus Pym books in the future. 

As with my other books these will be available in both eBook and print formats. 

Any suggestions or criticisms may be directed to this blog or email the author directly at cryptobarker@gmail.com 

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