Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Project

I have, mostly, finished the editing for the 2nd volume of The Burdened Air and this will go to the book designer next month. 

Meanwhile, I am 29,000 words into the 1st volume of my new trilogy...still no title. The 1st book will be a projected 140,000 words and the 1st draft should be completed by early March. The book itself should be ready for publication in June of this year. 

Describing a work in progress is about as difficult as describing a finished book. But, basically, it is a delinquent coming of age story in a contemporary Canadian city as magic is returning to the world.

The essential theme is that Secular Humanism and Faith need to find a way to live together or they will kill each other.   

Elements to be found in the story are: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Psychology, Philosophy, Literary Fiction, and Magic [not so much Religion]

Note: The author takes neither the side of magic nor secularism. The functioning thesis is that both must learn to live with the other, or destroy each other.  

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